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Today we take a look at the FoxMask project, which, after finding enough reasons, concludes that it is a scam.
We have already provided evidence that the DXDY project is a scam, and today we prove that FoxMask was launched by the same team.
To view other scam projects, visit the Scam Alert page.

Is FoxMask whitepaper fake?

The content in the FoxMask white paper is collected from the Internet and indicates that it is a copy and worthless.

On page 13, we find out that FoxMask is a scam, in this page, they have used the name DXDY and it is clear that they have copied a part of DXDY white paper when writing this white paper.
Please be vigilant and do not fall into the trap of this group and do not lose your assets!


FoxMask whitepaper is fake


Is FoxMask listed on major exchanges?

The FoxMask project claims to be listed on Bainance, Upbit and Coinbase exchanges.
We reviewed the latest news and announcements published by these exchanges, but there is no news about FoxMask being listed in them.
With this false news, they want to gain the trust of users and promise a successful investment in order to make more profit in the pre-sale stage.

Whenever you see such claims about a project, investigate them.
This is exactly what projects like DXDY, NFTSEA, DNFT labs, UniySwap, UnixSwap, etc. did.


FoxMask is on Ethereum network

Everyone involved in cryptocurrency is dissatisfied with the high cost of fees in the Ethereum network.
They built the FoxMask project on Ethereum, and if they reward all Airdrop participants, they will go bankrupt.
Ethereum network transfer fee is at least $20, they have to pay $ 800,000 if they pay Airdrop bonus for 40,000 participants! is it reasonable?


FoxMask project details

Token Name: FoxMask
Symbol: FM
Decimals: 18
Blockchain: Ethereum ERC-20
Total Supply: 80,000,000
Pre-sale supply: 28,000,000 FM
Pre-sale price: 1 ETH = 50,000 FM
Airdrop supply: 12,000,000 FM
Project Partners: 4,000,000 FM
Marketing: 4,000,000 FM
Further Development: 32,000,000 FM

If you are planning to invest in any project, please be sure to research carefully and take care of your funds before spending on it.
If there are other projects similar to FoxMask, let us know so we can review them.
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Benedict Ogboji

Which one is not a scam project let know.

Latifar rana

Is pluspad scam project???


Please send website link.

foxmask fucker

oh shet, is this really?


Yes it is true and FoxMask is Scam Project.

Miracle Benson

Is METAMUSK a scam project too?


Do you mean Musk Metaverse?

Joel Anthony

Please help me check dogezilla giveaway if it’s legit


Please submit the dogezilla website link.

Walat Muhammad

Hi . What about Meta Tea tokens ?


Please send website link for review.

Pyae Phyo Aung


Aminu Saminu

I really appreciate your effort to discover these fake and scamming project. Plz I still want your team to also do research ON NFTSEA project which has postponed it’s distribution days several times. Is the project real?


Thanks for your support.
NFTSEA is a scam project.
please read this article : Is NFTSEA (NS) A Scam Project?