Major (Star & TON) Token Airdrop

Kindly Note

Major is the second official Telegram project after the highly popular NOTcoin bot, allowing you to earn stars and TON by joining, inviting friends, and growing your network.
Major provides a fun and engaging platform where you can not only earn rewards but also enjoy your leisure time.
Join Major Today!


How to join the Major Airdrop?

Follow the step-by-step guide below to participate in the Major Airdrop:

  1.  Click on the Start Major Bot on telegram.
  2. Go to the Earn section and do daily tasks.
  3. Expand your network by inviting friends and earn additional income.


30⭐️ invite bonus for you
100⭐️ if you are Premium Major

Major presents an exciting opportunity to delve into the world of cryptocurrency while enjoying the convenience and familiarity of Telegram. Join Major today and embark on a rewarding adventure!

Key Features:

Earn cryptocurrency with ease
Expand your network and boost your earnings
Enjoy a fun and engaging platform
Join Major Now!

Click the “Start” button to commence your Major journey and start earning stars today.

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I hope to get a lot of profit from this airdrop


wooow, notcoin alternative 😍