Terms and Conditions

Every website has a series of rules and regulations that users of that site must be aware of, using the services of this website is a acceptance of these rules and regulations and users must be aware of these rules before using the website services.
Using of all services and facilities of cryptoleda.com is completely free and users are required to comply with its rules and regulations to use its services.

(Wherever the word website is used, it refers to cryptoleda.com)

Participating in airdrop

Users should register with their real and real information.
Users should not to share their account information with other people.
Users should not to cheat in getting referrals and not to create multiple accounts on the website.
Users should not to copy the content of the website, without mentioning the source and the website address and link.
Users undertake not to use obscene words when posting on the website and social networks.
Users undertake not to use robots to do the tasks.
Users undertake not to misuse the Cryptoleda name and brand.
Users are committed to reading the rules and having a full understanding of the subject matter of Cryptoleda activity.
Cryptoleda undertakes not to receive private information about users.
Cryptoleda undertakes not to ask for extra money to deposit user reward.
Cryptoleda undertakes not to use users’ information for annoying purposes.
Cryptoleda is allowed to advertise on the site.
Cryptoleda resets the user account balance in case of user fraud

last update: 2022/01/03