Is DNFT Labs (ND) A Scam Project?

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A new project called DNFT Labs ( has launched its Airdrop and IDO, which after research, turned out to be a scam.
They claim that, DNFT is a Next-generation NFT platform. It aims to eliminate the inherent flaws of OPENSEA, simplify the user threshold, provide cross-blockchain support, and provide lower rates to improve the NFT and meme’s ecosystem and become the largest, lowest rate, and most comprehensive cross-blockchain NFT marketplace
There are good reasons why DNFT (ND) Token is a scam that we are announcing.

Note: DNFT has used the name of the famous DareNFT project to mislead users, be careful not to confuse it.


DNFT’s Fake WhitePaper

DNFT-provided White Pepper has already been published by the DareNFT project, and it is clear that copying has taken place.
They have misused both the DareNFT project name and its whitepaper and intend to defraud users.
They have gained a lot of Ethereum during the IDO phase and will most likely extend the pre-sale period.
Do not participate in its IDO at all and do not introduce DNFT to your friends, because your friends may buy from the pre-seller and lose.


DNFT claims to be listed in big and famous exchanges

DNFT claims on Twitter that it will be listed on Binance, Huobi, Kucoin and Coinbase, but no news has been released.
Such claims are made by all Scam projects to deceive users, so do not trust them.
Follow the announcements of listing new tokens in large exchanges only through the main site and social networks of the exchange.


Use the Ethereum network to deposit DNFT Airdrop to participants

As you know, the transfer fee in Ethereum Blockchain is high. If DNFT uses this network to pay Airdrop rewards to participants, it will have to pay a high transaction fee for each participant.
They have more than 63,000 users participating in Airdrop. If we consider the Ethereum network fee of $20, they have to pay more than $1,260,000 fee for Airdrop deposit.
Doesn’t paying this high fee cause them to go bankrupt?
Please be reasonable, no project uses this network to deposit rewards for thousands of participants!


If you have a comment about the DNFT project, let us know. We are happy to know if you think DNFT is a scam or not ?!
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