Polkametaverse Scam

Is Polkametaverse (POKA) a Scam Project?

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Today we found an illegal scam project called Polkametaverse with the POKA symbol, which is exactly the same as the DXDY scam project.
The creators of Polkametaverse are the same DXDY fraudulent team that commits theft and illegal activities.
When you visit polkametaverse.io, you realize that this is exactly the site of dxdy.network.
In the following, we will provide you with more details about POKA being a scam.
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Fake Audit Report

The Audit Report published on the Polkametaverse site is the same version published on the DXDY site that was allegedly prepared by the PeckShield security team.
The PeckShield team has previously announced that this is a fake version and posted it on Twitter.
When you come across such reports, be sure to investigate their accuracy.
We will discuss this with the PeckShield team.


Fake whitepaper

The Polkametaverse white paper is also a counterfeit and a copy of the DXDX white paper.
This white paper has been used in other scam projects before, and if you look closely at other projects launched by this team, you will notice this.
As a user, when you come across a project, you should first check the white paper. By doing this, you can find out whether it is counterfeit or not.


Claim listing on major exchanges such as Binance

They claim that POKA is listed in major exchanges such as Binance, CoinBase and HotBit.
If you go to the main exchange offices site, there is no announcement about POKA listing on them.
They have no plans to list POKA and that is a big lie.
They are trying to deceive users with this lie. So watch out for them.

You may be wondering why they are using Airdrop for free and intending to cheat ?!
They are increasing their user community through Airdrop, and in the meantime, some of number of them are buying POKA tokens as IDOs.
They make a lot of money selling POKA tokens and after a while they will the remove the website form the host.

If you know of a project like POKA that could be a scam, be sure to let us know so we can review it.
Take care of your capital and do not invest in any Scam project.

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plz review cryptobox.game


Hi vishal,
cryptobox.game is scam ….
please read this article:


Terk and metamusk coin can also be scam projects.

I received the coins and wanted to swap it, transaction fees deducted but coin not swapped.

Metamusk is unsalable until March.

Arthur nwakwuo

I so much love this platform


But Polkametaverse is a scam !