Is Cryptobox (CBOX) a scam project?

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At the request of users, We will review the Cryptobox project with the CBOX symbol for legality or illegality.
We understand that Cryptobox is an illegal and scam project, and we will explain the reasons for our investigation in full.


The Cryptobox whitepaper is fake

Cryptobox has published its whitepaper on its main website, which we have thoroughly studied and reviewed.
There is a very important issue here. This is a slightly modified copy of the SandBox project whitepaper.
More than 90% of this white paper has been copied, and only its images and titles have been changed.
Be very careful; only the fake whitepaper proves to us that Cryptobox is a scam project.

But we have other reasons to.


Cryptobox will not be listed on Binance and Coinbase!

They claim that after the pre-sale phase and airdrop, Cryptobox will be listed on Upbit, Coinbase, and Binance exchanges.
We checked the announcements of the exchange offices.
There has been no announcement regarding the listing of Cryptobox.
Other scam projects have made similar claims in the past, and it is clear that they are abusing users’ ignorance.


The same path as other scam projects

We have already announced the scam of projects such as DXDY, FoxMask, UnixSwap, MetaTea, etc., and proved it with sufficient reasons.
Cryptobox uses exactly the same path as all these projects.
For example, counterfeit white papers, counterfeit audit reports, claiming to be listed in large exchange offices, using the Ethereum network, etc.

We can boldly say that all these scam projects are started by a professional team, and they run away after stealing users’ money.
Be very careful with your investments and be sure to do some research before investing.

If you want to know if a project is a scam or not, send us its website address for review.

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