ZUMAC Token Airdrop

Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

Binance Smart Chain (BEP20):


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ZUMAC Token Airdrop details

Hello friends, The airdrop that we want to introduce to you today is Zumac Token with the symbol “ZUMAC”.
ZUMAC will work in the field of virtual casino games as well as NFT, and according to its development team, the first series of games of this token will be released in the third quarter of 2022. Zumac Token is a BEP-20 Token from ZUMAC Group.

This is what the development team says about ZUMAC:
ZUMAC Group aims at bringing Casino gamers from regular Casino games into the blockchain by adding Innovative In-Game mining mechanics and Non-Fungible tokens to Casual Casino games.
The ZUMAC Token allows you to play our online Casino games with your tokens including features that allows you deposit and withdraw your Tokens with ease.
The total number of ZUMAC coins is 150,000,000 tokens.


How to join the ZUMAC Airdrop?

Please follow the steps below to participate in ZUMAC airdrop:

  1. Join and start ZUMAC Token Airdrop  on telegram.
  2. Enter the captcha and continue.
  3. Click on “Join Airdrop” button and continue.
  4. Join to ZUMAC telegram channel and group.
  5. Click on “done” button.
  6. Follow ZUMAC Twitter page.
  7. Retweet the Pinned post and tag 3 friends in comment.
  8. Tweet about the ZUMAC project using the hashtags: #ZUMAC #ZUMACAirdrop #BSC #BinanceSmartChain #Airdrops #AirdropKingNews
  9. Submit your Twitter profile link.
  10. Join to ZUMAC Reddit Community.
  11. Submit your Reddit profile link.
  12. Enter your BEP-20 (SmartChain) address.
  13. Congratulations!

After completing all the tasks, you will receive 20 ZUMAC token and you will receive 4.3 ZUMAC token for each referral.

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