Tyche lottery Token Airdrop

Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

Binance Smart Chain (BEP20):


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Tyche lottery Token Airdrop details

Tyche lottery is a platform that helps businesses, organizations, or individuals with capital associated with businesses with a community to open blockchain lottery tickets.
Tyche lottery platform is a set of ethereum smart contracts can run all ethereum likes network (Ethereum mainnet, Binance smart chain).
We defined procedures for 3 main actors: Lottery Owner, Lottery Vendor and Lottery player.


How to join the Tyche Airdrop?

Tyche lottery Airdrop have 2 required and 5 optional tasks.

  1. Join and start TychelotteryAirdropBot on telegram.
  2. Join to Tyche Telegram groups and channels. (Required: 30 Points)
  3. Enter the captcha and continue.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Enter your BEP-20 (SmartChain) address.
  6. Follow Tyche lottery on Twitter, (https://twitter.com/TycheLottery) like, retweet and comment the pinned post by tagging 5 of your friends using the hashtags: “#Tycheloto #Tycheairdrop #Tychelottery” . (Required: 30 Points)
  7. Enter your Twitter link.
  8. Enter your retweet link.
  9. Follow Tyche lottery on Facebook. (Optional: 10 Points)
  10. Follow Tyche lottery on Subtack. (Optional: 10 Points)
  11. Subscribe to Tyche lottery YouTube channel. (Optional: 10 Points)
  12. Join our promoter channel. (Optional: 5 Points)
  13. Follow our promoter’s Twitter account and retweet the airdrop tweet. (Optional: 5 Points)

Notes: 8500 lucky participants will be selected randomly to be rewarded 100 TYCHE (~$4) each. top 500 referrers will get 100 TYCHE (~$4) each.


About Tyche lottery Project

Lottery prizes are very diverse, can customize winning conditions, ticket prices, and commission rates for agents.
There are 4 main audiences that will participate in the platform including:
1. Representative organization to open lottery tickets
2. Agents selling lottery tickets
3. Lottery ticket buyers
4. Admin manages the platform, in charge of guiding, supporting how to use, and fixing errors that may occur.

A Lottery Prize will start with that Representative transferring a certain amount into a predefined smart contract that can only be drawn by the owner of the prize when the lottery round ends or closes. During the sale of lottery tickets time, the amount entered into the contract will be locked. At the end of the lotto spin process, the owner of the winning lottery tickets will check the ticket results directly on the smart contract and receive the prize anonymously.

All processes from opening lottery tickets, selling tickets, lotto spins are conducted entirely on the blockchain ensuring perfect transparency and fairness for all parties involved.

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