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Metaverse MGL Airdrop

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Metaverse MGL Airdrop details

Metaverse MGL is an independent virtual reality world with defined and extensible standards that seeks to challenge real-time virtual reality technologies using research and modeling.
The first embodiment of the metaverse MGL is to have a decentralized virtual reality network with Earth called Genesis,
In Genesis, landowners and residents can have their own rules and world, there are no restrictions or rules from the creators and designers of MGL for Genesis lands.
All laws are made, written and enforced by the landowners and residents themselves.


How to join the Metaverse MGL Airdrop?

  1. Join and start MetaverseMglAirdrop_bot on telegram.
  2. Join to Metaverse MGL Telegram groups and channels.
  3. Enter your Telegram username (example: @cryptoleda).
  4. Follow Metaverse MGL twitter page and retweet the pinned post.
  5. Enter your twitter username.
  6. Enter your BEP-20 (SmartChain) address.

After entering the information and verifying your membership in Twitter you will receive 100 MGLC tokens.
You will also receive 3 MGLC tokens for each valid referral to join the Airdrop.
Metaverse MGL Airdrop will end on 27th December and distribution start after listing.


About Metaverse MGL Project

Metaverse MGL is a virtual reality platform powered by Binance Smart chain Blockchain.
When users want to use the MGL platform to produce content or apps and games or when users want to buy land, application and game or others products, users need to pay for network. therefore they need users a digital asset.

From the beginning, Metaverse Mgl sought to reduce the cost of MGL network users. The low cost of Binance Smart Chian Network transactions, its security and scalability were the reason for choosing this network to build MGLC platform and tokens in this network. MGLC is a token BEP20 and with MGLC, users network costs are reduced and users can use it to invest by saving on these costs. As mentioned above, users can have their own apps and games on this platform, in this way users can earn MGLC.

If users decide to design a game, they have the ability to do that and engage in the tournament, also users can upload games in the online tournament section and there are online competitions for users’ enjoyment.
Metaverse Mgl users can also consider prizes such as digital assets similar to MGLC tokens, NFT products, Avatar Products and Land for competitions.

Game organizers and owners can cover the costs and prizes of the games from the MGLC that other users pay to participate in the
finally, to have the MGL platform, we have started designing the necessary structure, protocols and standards, which will be introduced later.

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Mike Idung

Please where can I find my Metaverse airdrop balance?


You can check it from Telegram bot, it should be there


prefect project