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KOLs (KOT) Token Airdrop details

Hello friends. We are back with you again with the introduction of a new AirDrop! Kols offering token With an acronym “KOLS”
By referring to the site address of this token, we come across a beautiful, simple and understandable site.
If we go to the section “about”, we will come across an interesting introduction video that watching it can give us a good view about this token.
Well, as you can see by now, the main activities in the field of NFT, according to the development team of KOLS, KOT is the project about KOL Offering Token.


How to join the KOLs Airdrop?

Please follow the steps below to participate in KOLs airdrop:

  1. Join and start Kols Offering AIRDROP  on telegram.
  2. Please click on Join Airdrop button.
  3. Join to KOLs Telegram Group & Telegram Channel. (Required => 50 KOT Token)
  4. Follow KOLs twitter page, like and retweet the pinned post and Tag 3 friends. (Required => 50 KOT Token)
  5. Enter the captcha and continue.
  6. Type your E-mail address.
  7. Enter your BEP-20 (SmartChain) address.
  8. Enter your Twitter link.
  9. Enter your retweet link.
  10. Well done! Your membership in kols airdrop has been completed.

You will receive 100 KOT after you register for kols airdrop.
Referrals are optional for kols airdrop, but you can increase your chances of winning by referring your friends.
? send your referral link to your friends.

A total of KOT 105,000 will be paid for 250 top referrers. It is worth about $36,750.
? 1st to 50th place: 400 KOT each
? 50th to 100th place: 350 KOT each
? 100th to 200th place: 300 KOT each
? 200th to 250th place: 250 KOT each


About Kols Project

It combines Blockchain, KOLFans and Entertainment Services to develop an ecosystem for Community to connect KOLs from many entertainment professions to Fans and Followers.
With NFT trending, People can exchange and trade items, pictures, videos, gifs, music …. And each item is unique and no copyright for that! wow!
They’ve built a platform for their ecosystem called: KARASWAP – MIND YOUR ASSET
What they focus on is not only their Technology and infrastructure, they are building an Ecosystem to serve the Entertainment Community using Blockchain and Tech 4.0.

There are key features on Karaswap:

  • Staking and Farming
  • Decentralized Exchange Platform
  • NFT Marketplace
  • NFT Game

Now you may ask what will be the future of this token?
they say:
We bring the best value for our community with our ecosystem and the following services (We also hope that they will succeed in achieving their goals)

The token developer Timo also mentioned the following features for KOLS:

The application that we are expecting to spread out to community and will be the key to attract all the KOLs and Fans throughout platform.

The private staking is one make profit and rewards for all the early stage Investors. They have benefit to buy and stake KOT in a good rates.

NFT Exchange
NFT marketplace is where everyone can buy, sell, exchange or auction their own NFT from games, kols or any special and unique NFT in the world

The farming service is not only supporting for liquidity but also having lots of benefits from KOT.

Low cost
Using KOT token in every services provided in our Ecosystem can lower your cost and give users more chance to get rewards.

KOT Token
With all ecosystem and vision of the project for longterm, we believe that KOT price and increase steadily and stable that will become any user’s Asset.

K- livestream is a livestream and video posting application for everyone to join. We have KOLs system for livestreaming and their own fans can join and communicate directly with idols.

KOLs can create their own channel, create NFTs to sell or auction on NFT marketplace Fans can buy NFT from their idols, send gifts and especially can earn token when seeing videos or join livestream (coming soon project)

The total number of these tokens is 100,000,000, which will operate on the BSC-BEP20 network platform.
Its estimated price at the start of trading is estimated at about 10 cents (according to the information on the site).
The following planning for the total number of tokens has been done by the development team:
5% Advisor
17% Marketing
5% Stake
50% Farm
3% Private Sale
20% Founder and Team

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Damian iloduba

I need the Contact address please.




I think KOL is about to move us to the Moonlight sonata soon Yippey Project!


Good job


Good project