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iDos Games Airdrop details

The airdrop that we are going to introduce to you is from the collection of iDOS games with the symbol “IGT”.
THE FIRST MOBILE F2P & P2E SHOOTER – SHOOTGUN is a title we see at the first glance of this airdrop site.
iDos Games Token (IGT) is a native token for the metaverse of their games.
If we want to have an overview of iDOS games, we can mention titles such as 2048CUBE3D, MATCH3, MMORPG, IDLE RPG and SHOOTGUN that they have been good games for users and you can download these games from the Play store.

The noteworthy point in the iDOS games series is that you do not need initial capital to play the games, and you can only earn money by spending time in the game.
Another point is that in these games you do not need much knowledge in the field of crypto and you can also learn after obtaining tokens and last point is if you are a person who spends a lot of time playing games, games like these are always on your tablet or smartphone so you can earn money while enjoying the game.
On this Airdrop site, the roadmap and tokenomic are well described in full detail as well as the development team.


How to join the iDos Games Airdrop?

Follow the steps below to participate in iDos Games Airdrop.

  1. Join and start iDos Games bot on telegram. (Ended)
  2. Enter the captcha and continue.
  3. You are required to complete 5 tasks.
  4. Click on “Join Airdrop” button and continue.
  5. Click on “Submit Details” button and continue.
  6. Join on iDos Games Telegram channel and telegram group.
  7. Click on “Done” button and continue.
  8. Follow iDos Games Twitter page, like and retweet the pinned and tag 3 friends in comment.
  9. Note: Tweet about the project using the hashtags: #iDosGames #iDosGames #BSC #BinanceSmartChain #Airdrops #AirdropKingNews
  10. Submit your Twitter profile link.
  11. Join to iDos Games Discord Server.
  12. Submit your Discord profile link.
  13. Enter your BSC (BEP-20) address.
  14. Congratulations!


Please note that only 4,000 participants will be selected as winners by random.
Top 1000 Referrals 125,000 IGT ($5000 equivalent)
End Date: 10 January 2022
Distribution Date: After IDO, in early March.

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Olusegun Peter

Pls I need someone to tell me where I can see and copy both BSC (BEP 20) and Etherium (ERC 20) address from trust wallet app to receive the IDos and MULTINFTs airdrops?


Inside the wallet, search for Smart Chain and Ethereum.
Activate them.
Copy their address.


Go to the search botton if the token is not on trust wallet , go to custom and input the contract address then change the network to Smart chain if it’s a bep 20 token but if it’s a TRC token you change the network to Ethereum network.

Damian iloduba

Contact address


You can copy contract address from the Airdrop info section

Damian iloduba

Good project, contact address please.


You can copy contract address from the Airdrop info section


I wanna asking why the solana airdrop faucet have a lowest paymemt than before? I notice the payment now are 1000 per claim.


From the beginning it was 0.00001, it had doubled because of Christmas, the announcement of this is available on our Twitter page and Telegram channel