Heroes of the Land

Heroes of the Land Airdrop

Verified Round 1

Kindly Note​

Heroes of the Land Airdrop details

This airdrop introduces the Heroes of the Land project, which is an NFT game with a $10 bonus.
This project has business partners such as TomoChain and Hub Global and is reputable.
In the future, you can also play this strategy game and get tradable NFT.
The main token of the network is called HOL, and you will be able to trade it in the future.


How to join the Heroes of the Land Airdrop?

Step-by-step guide:

  1.  Click on the Start Heroes of the Land Bot on telegram. (Ended)
  2. Join to Heroes of the Land telegram channel and group.
  3. Click on “Check” button and continue.
  4. Click on “Join Airdrop” button and continue.
  5. Click on “Submit Details” button and continue.
  6. After joining to telegram channel and groups, click on “Done” button.
  7. Follow Heroes of the Land Twitter page, like and retweet the pinned post.
  8. Submit your Twitter profile link and continue.
  9. Join Heroes of the Land Discord Server.
  10. Submit your Discord Username. (Example: Heroes#0001)
  11. Submit your BEP-20 (BSC) Wallet Address.
  12. Join to Advertiser Telegram Channel.
  13. Click on “Done” button.
  14. Follow Advertiser Twitter Page and retweet the Heroes of the Land Airdrop tweet and tag 3 friends.
  15. Submit your retweeted link.
  16. Subscribe to advertiser youtube channel and like and share (Don’t need to share) Heroes of the Land airdrop video.
  17. Submit your YouTube username or channel link
  18. Congratulations!
  • Winners: 100 random winners get 10 BUSD
  • Top 40 Referrals: 30 BUSD
  • End Date: 31 January 2022
  • Distribution Date: 1 weeks after the airdrop ends
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Enwerem Emmanuel

So nice I can wait