FantasyWar (FAWA) Token Airdrop

Round 2
Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

Binance Smart Chain (BEP20):


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FantasyWar (FAWA) Token Airdrop details

Fantasy War is a Turn-based Strategy NFT Game. This game promotes strategy and the variety of items.
The FantasyWar team has over 15 years of gaming experience.
They have the experience of managing a game community with more than 1 million users.
Their goal is to create an attractive and unique game with the ability to generate revenue for all users.
You can buy and sell game characters as NFT with this game. The main token of the game called FAWA can also be traded. FantasyWar team has reached a cooperation with FishCrypto game. Second round of FantasyWar Airdrop has started, which we will introduce and teach you how to participate.
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How to join the FantasyWar (FAWA) Airdrop?

Please follow the steps below to participate in FantasyWar airdrop:

  1. Join and start FantasyWar Round2 Airdrop  on telegram.
  2. Click on Continue button.
  3. Type the confirmation code. (answer to the question)
  4. Join to FantasyWar Telegram Group & Telegram Channel.
  5. Follow KOLs twitter page, like and retweet the pinned tweet.
  6. Enter your twitter username with ‘@’.
  7. Join Advertiser channel , and Press “Done” or “Skip” button. (Optional => 20 FAWA)
  8. Enter your BEP-20 (SmartChain) address.
  9. Congratulations it’s Done!

After completing all the tasks, you will be rewarded with 100 FAWA Tokens (worth $8).
Referral system is optional and if you are one of the top people, you will receive more rewards.

Top Referrer Rewards:
Top 1: 1,000 FAWA
Top 2-5: 500 FAWA
Top 6-50: 300 FAWA
Top 51-100: 200 FAWA
Top101-200: 100 FAWA

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Damian iloduba

Contact address please



AnilPal Singh

A good project and strong team in a predictable and transparent road map, planned and projected.I think in the near future will see an unprecedented growth of this project.