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Dali Token Airdrop

Verified Payment Guaranteed Round 3
Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

Binance Smart Chain (BEP20):


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Dali Token Airdrop details

Today we are with you by introducing a contest of “DALI” token.
The Airdrop token was successful, and all eligible individuals received their AirDrop tokens on time.
so we can be sure that this airdrop is valid. DALI operates in the field of NFT trading on the BEP-20 network.
Recently, the beta version of the NFT market has been made public, and its development team has been fully authenticated.
The total number of DALI tokens is 999,999,590,893,912 and they now hold more than 12,700 unique DALI addresses.
The site of this token is well understood, beautifully designed and provides the user with everything she/he needs to know in the first place.
As you probably know, the last quarter of 2021 was very exciting for Web3, NFT platforms and Metaverse projects.
It seems that DALI can also find its place in this field by implementing its roadmap.
So do not waste time and try your luck to win by participating in this event.


How to join the Dali Airdrop?

To participate in Dali Airdrop, you must complete 3 mandatory tasks and 14 optional tasks:

  1. Go to Dali Airdrop page. (Ended)
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Enter your BEP-20 (SmartChain) address. (mandatory => 5 point)
  4. Follow Dali twitter page. (mandatory => 10 point)
  5. Subscribe to Dali Youtube Channel. (mandatory => 15 point)
  6. Join to Dali Telegram groups. (optional)
  7. Join to Dali Telegram channels. (optional)
  8. Like a youtube video. (optional)
  9. Like the second youtube video. (optional)
  10. Search Dali on youtube. (optional)
  11. Click and visit dali website. (optional)
  12. Search Dali token on google and open dali website. (optional)
  13. Retweet Dali Demo. (optional)
  14. Retweet Shilling Contest. (optional)
  15. Join to Dali Discord. (optional)
  16. Add Dali to your watchlist in Coinmarketcap. (optional)
  17. Search & Vote ”Good” for Dali on Coinmarketcap. (optional)
  18. Bonus and Secret code. (optional)

The value of Dali’s Competition and airdrop is $2000, which you can win by collecting more points.
Referral reward is 10 point and optional.

Contest ends: Jan 12th, 10 AM UTC with 10 winners

1st place – $800
2nd place – $500
3rd place – $300
4th & 5th – $100 each
6th – 10th – $40 each

And 10 random participants will win $20 worth of Dali at the end of the competition.


Dali Token Special Features

✔️ Dali Team Passed KYC
✔️ Listed on CoinMarketCap
✔️ Listed on CoinGecko
✔️ Translated into most living languages of the world.
✔️ 12,700 Holders.

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