AXL INU (AXL) Token Airdrop

Round 2
Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

Binance Smart Chain (BEP20):


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AXL INU (AXL) Token Airdrop details

Axl is a Decentralized exchange with smart routing built on the Ethereum Chain (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain “BSC” and will support Liquidity Providing, Yield Farming, Staking, Launching IDO, NFT and Lending & borrow model. Starting with the Main token of the Ecosystem $AXL and Ending with $Axls as a reward token for the system.

We are glad to announce that AXL INU will take place in the Shooting Star IEO launchpad program on Bitmart.
Launched on 15/03/2018, BitMart is a centralized exchange based in the Cayman Islands. It also has four offices located in New York, China, Hong Kong, and Soul. It supports spot trading, otc trading, and USD trading.


How to join the AXL Airdrop?

Follow the steps below to participate in AXL Airdrop :

  1. Join and start AxlInuAirdropBot on telegram. (Ended)
  2. Please solve a simple math task.
  3. Please enter your E-mail address.
  4. Join to AXL  Telegram groups and channels. (Mandatory)
  5. Follow AXL twitter page, like and retweet the pinned post. (Mandatory)
  6. Please submit your Twitter profile link.
  7. Follow AXL instagram page. (Optional)
  8. Please submit your Instagram profile link.
  9. Join AXL discord page. (Optional)
  10. Please submit your Discord username.
  11. Subscribed to Airdrop Detective YouTube and shared the Axl Inu Airdrop video on one of your social media. (Optional)
  12. Followed Airdrop Detective Twitter, liked and retweeted their post about the Axl Inu Airdrop. (Optional)
  13. joined Airdrop Detective Tel‭egram Channel. (Optional)
  14. Enter your BEP-20 (SmartChain) address.

You will receive 100,000 AXL after completing mandatory tasks.
You will also receive 100,000 AXL more with optional tasks.
4000 lucky winners, They will receive AXL 200,000 [~ $15].

✍️ The top 100 referrers will share 20 Million AXL (~$15,000) as follows:
?1st place : 1,000,000 AXL (~$750)
? 2nd place : 900,000 AXL (~$675)
? 3rd place : 800,000 AXL (~$600)
? 4th place : 700,000 AXL (~$525)
? 5th place : 600,000 AXL (~$450)
? 6th to 10th place : 400,000 AXL (~$300) each
? 11th to 20th place : 300,000 AXL (~$225) each
? 21st to 50th place : 200,000 AXL (~$150) each
? 51st to 100th place : 100,000 AXL (~$75) each


Presale is running … (We do not recommend pre-selling!)

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axl inu has been removed from the bot (scam)


As announced, it was removed by the support itself due to the end of Airdrop time.
In February, the winners will receive their prizes.


Is it a must to have referral before my airdrop will be distributed in February, and what’s the minimum Axl Inu to be distributed


You can get those information from “Axl Inu” telegram bot


Please paymet airdop


The payment will be in February, 2022

Abdulrahman avalaca

Pls the group is full , how do i do it ?


Are you sure? I did check it right now!

Syed Imtiaz Ali Gillani

Nice to know about cryptoleda

AnilPal Singh

Nice project and congratulations to the team for their efforts and dedication and highly appreciated the visionary thought of the projector and it will create history Sign of the will go to moon

Woody Ilustrisimo


Abdul Arifulla khan


axl army

axl token go to moon ??


Good job

Abdullahi Sadisu

Another very good project by cryptoleda, but where’s the link that will direct us to telegram,and it’s compulsory to complete those task that you mention, and also is the airdrop is instant withdrawal unlike Sol token, and can it be sold like sold. Thanks


We have added a new Button so that you can easily find the Airdrop link