AMMpad (AMD)

AMMpad (AMD) Token Airdrop

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AMMpad (AMD) Token Airdrop details

The airdrop that we want to introduce to you today is AMMpad with the acronym “AMD”.
According to the developer team, this token is a a new revolutionary IDO launchpad for cryptocurrencies created on multiple blockchains using a technology that allows all the existing popular blockchains to co-exist on a single launchpad platform This ambitious goal can be very useful and of course popular.

The $AMD launchpad will serve on the BSC blockchain at first, then will work onto multiple blockchains according to the dev roadmap.
Total Airdrop Allocation $100,000 worth of AMD tokens. This airdrop expires on the date 23 March 2022 and Airdrop Distribution on 25-31 March 2022.
AMMpad airdrop has a referral points system and you can collect more tokens for yourself with more referrals; 10 Entries for each valid referral. The development team has a great $ 20,000 prize of AMD token for the top 50 referrers, so don’t waste time!

Note: Today, the Airdrop robot development team announced that due to the high demand for participation in this Airdrop, the robot may respond with a slight delay and they will improve the robot’s performance.


How to join the AMMpad Airdrop?

Please Follow the steps below to participate in AMMpad Airdrop:

  1. Join and start AMMpad Airdrop Bot  on telegram.
  2. Please answering the question. (Click on Continue before typing the code)
  3. Click on Join to Airdrop.
  4. Please prove you are human by match the emoji.
  5. Follow AMMpad twitter page and retweet the pinned post and tag 3 friends on Twitter. (Mandatory => 40+60 AMMpad Tokens)
  6. Please bind your twitter account.
  7. Please submit your Twitter username.
  8. Please enter your valid E-mail address.
  9. Join to AMMpad Telegram groups and channels. (Mandatory => 30+40 AMMpad Tokens)
  10. Follow AMMpad on Twitter. (Click on complete)
  11. Retweet the pinned Tweet and tag 3 friends on Twitter. (Click on complete)
  12. Please submit your Retweeted Link.
  13. Follow and Like AMMpad facebook page. (Mandatory => 30 AMMpad Tokens)
  14. Please submit your Facebook profile Link.
  15. Enter your BEP-20 (SmartChain) address.

After completing all the tasks, you will receive 200 AMMpad Tokens and 10 Entries for each valid referral.

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