What is Polkadot

Polkadat is the next generation of blockchain that connects other blockchain networks and builds an integrated network of them. The platform is referred to as the facilitator of the next generation of the Web, Web 3, which breaks the monopoly of the Internet and makes it available to users. Polkadot, with several fundamental advantages, seeks to transform the structure of blockchain networks.

Polkadat structure

Most digital currencies have been created to solve some real-world problems using blockchain technology.
Blockchain, on the other hand, was created to solve Blockchain’s own problems. According to the project’s official website, Polkadat is “a multi-chain and networked technology.” In other words, Polkadat is a blockchain that connects many different blockchains. This program is designed to eliminate some of the major problems that have led to a reduction in the use of blockchain networks for real-world use. Two of these problems are:

Scalability: Simply put, blockchain technology, as it exists today, can not fully execute the number of transactions predicted in the decentralized world. In fact, blockchain networks are capable of processing a limited number of transactions per second.

Polkadat is a multi-chain network equipped with Sharding technology, which can process many transactions in multiple chains in parallel and completely eliminate bottlenecks that occur in other networks. This parallel processing power significantly improves scalability and creates the right conditions for increasing the acceptance of the blockchain as a global technology and its future prosperity.

Isolation: Current blockchain networks are unable to communicate with each other due to the impossibility of interaction between them. This problem has led to the isolation of blockchain networks.

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Polkadot Technical analysis chart

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