What is Cardano

Cardano is a decentralized third-generation proof-of-stake blockchain platform and home to the ada cryptocurrency. It has been designed from the ground up by a team of top engineers and academic experts.

Cardano has a strong focus on sustainability, scalability, and transparency and is a fully open source project that aims to deliver an inclusive, fair, and resilient infrastructure for financial and social applications on a global scale. It is powered by Ouroboros, the ground-breaking proof-of-stake consensus protocol.

Cardano(ADA) is one of the top projects in blockchain world, this project launched in 2017, The project leads by Charles Hoskinson(CEO), He was part of the Ethereum team so he knows really good about blockchain and decentralization, This makes the Cardano project to become one of the leadings in the world. Currently ADA is the #6 in the marketcap.

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Cardano Technical analysis chart

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