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What is Address Balances?

Assets Addresses Statistics (Address Balances) indicates the number of holders of a coin or token that hold a certain amount of that coin or token.

By selecting one of the Bitcoin or Ethereum, you will go to their dedicated page and see the number of active addresses with different inventories and be informed of their recent changes.

The information is accurately extracted through the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain networks and updated daily.

We always try to provide more options and information from Assets Addresses Statistics to our users, please stay tuned for new updates.

Frequently Asked Questions by Users

1️⃣ Are Assets Addresses Statistics updated daily?

Yes, Assets Addresses Statistics (Address Balances) are daily updated and automatically.

2️⃣ What about the Address Balances archive?

In the near future, we will be able to view the data of that day by selecting a specific date.

3️⃣ Address Balances data includes which coins and tokens?

For 2 popular market coins; Bitcoin and Ethereum.