In this report, dated November 24, 2021, we have prepared the technical analysis of Decentraland (MANA), which was performed by the famous analysts of Cryptocurrency community, and we will share it you.
Recently , Bitcoin is being traded in the range of 55.5 to 58 thousand dollars, Decentraland is being traded today in the range of 3.95 to 4.55 dollars, a increase of 12.4% compared to yesterday.

Mana holders be careful!

Mana holders be careful!

This is the four hour chart for MANAUSDT
A rising wedge can be seen to form above the recent burst of price.
If this collapses as suggested by the rising wedge (a bearish pattern ),
0.786 is a good target because it provides a support which was previously a resistance point for the coin.
“Review by Bixley”

MANA – The Battle of the METAVERSE (A probable scenario for mana)

A probable scenario for mana

Mana has failed to break it’s resistance and the flight is paused until that happens. Our chart will help you understand this better.
Our estimate and analysis is that Mana will be outperformed by Sandbox. That is a personal opinion based on our research, do your own and feel free to comment.

Needless to say that Decentraland has a great future ahead. The Metaverse is HOT and it will remain that way for months and years… but prices can correct at any time so mind the resistances.
“Review by FX_Professor”

MANA status and Conclusion

You did read about 2 analysts point of view, Just one of them was bullish on it! But remember this, technical analysis is not enough you have to check the news too, you have to check the leader coin (Bitcoin), Then you can clearly see what will happen next.
Thank you for your time! if you have any idea about MANA you can comment down below.

Disclaimer: None of these Analysis is not Buy or Sell MANA recommendation, And this article is just for educational purposes so please just use this article for validating your own technical analysis.

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