SHIB Ino, abbreviated SHIB, is an alt-coin built on the Ethereum network platform. Like the Dodge Coin, which is considered to be the first Meem Coin in the market, the symbol of Shiba Inu is derived from a breed of Japanese hound. This digital currency is known as a replacement for Dodge Quinn, and due to the fact that it is intended as a symbol of a hunting dog, it has also been called the Dodge Quinn killer.

As you know, the Dodge Coin is a digital currency that was more like a joke and was started with the goal of joking and entertainment. However, this digital currency has its own independent Chinese blockchain network and has its own developers and fans. Sheiba Ino can be considered a currency code that is made in imitation of Dodge Coin, but it does not have its minimum characteristics. In other words, it does not have an independent Chinese block currency code and is not even a coin.

In fact, Shiba was just an ERC-20 token launched on the Ethereum China block. In fact, the Ethereum blockchain, thanks to its easy-to-use interface, makes it possible for anyone to make tokens. Therefore, making such a token can be done easily by drinking water and only by consuming some ether. (ERC-20 is an atrium bed token that meets certain criteria.)

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Salman mujeeb

Best project ever


Great Projects I like your updates and technical Annalises