In this report, dated November 28, 2021, we have prepared the technical analysis of BitCoin (BTC), which was performed by the famous analysts of Cryptocurrency community, and we will share it you.
Recently, BitCoin is being traded today in the range of 53.6 to 55.2 dollars, a increase of 2.18% compared to yesterday.
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BTC potential reversal zone

BTC potential reversal zone

BTC reached the interesting reversal zone (53k-48k) and here’s why:
1-price is testing MA 100 in confluence with lower trend line of channel
2-0.618 Fibonacci level around 50k
3- G&F index now is extremely fear
Usually extremely fear mean bottom (or local bottom ) is near
In case bulls defend this level well strong resistance will be 60k and after that we can see new ATH
I will need to update my view if bulls lost 48k-47k by candle closing.
“Review by Babenski”

Bitcoin – Outlook

Bitcoin - Outlook

Bitcoin got rejected by ATH and is getting pushed down in a downtrend channel .
We might find support in the 52k-53k area.
If not, then we will surely find a strong support right on the area I’ve shown on the chart.
The market is showing Strong Sell volumes for Bitcoin so watch out for you positions.
“Review by ShawnMCR”

BTCUSDT , Until now we are in downward trend

Until now we are in downward trend

According to our analysis about btc , with high chance our analysis exactly happen , and now we make new breakwave and we need pullback to have correction this breakwave and recovery the price , but the most important point is , until the price trade in below the trendline the market is bearish and the power of the seller is more than buyer .

After break this zone we can go up until the trendline , until the key point is not broken and close candle above of them and the trend is downward.
“Review by Abtin00”

BTC will repeat history ?!

BTC will repeat history

Seems to me that there is a possibility that history will be repeated….
Like in the late April dipping ?!
Do you see any similaries ?!
Up till 64-65k and then BIG DEEP ?!
“Review by Nikolaosf”



This is a short term update for possible short BTC scalp to 54500 and below trend to 52K -53K trend
At this moment the main trend of bitcoin is still into breakdown trend, and there is still no confirmation for an uptrend.

The power trend line is at 55400, when we confirm this line with the time frame then it’s interesting to check the uptrend.
“Review by watchtrend”

BTC status and Conclusion

You did read about 5 market analyzer’s point of view , some of them were bullish and some of them were bearish. these days the market acting very unpredictable so if you are new to cryptocurrency market please be careful.
This market can easily take your money away from you, so try to analyze with patience and when you are sure about your analysis, you can do some buy/sell trade

Disclaimer: None of these Analysis is not Buy or Sell BTC recommendation, And this article is just for educational purposes so please just use this article for validating your own technical analysis.

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This is a big opportunity.
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