In the world of cryptocurrencies, new projects introduce their tokens or coins through AirDrop to increase their community users.
This is the best way to introduce network tokens or coins, and projects can get the most out of them at a low cost.
Airdrops are completely free and users can only receive rewards for supporting the project.

Airdrop goals

When a large number of people use and share a project or product, the path to progress and success of that project and product is paved.
Through AirDrop, many users become familiar with the project and use it, which means that the project has achieved its goal by doing AirDrop.
Through AirDrop, many users follow the project social networks, become members of the site, and the number of active wallet addresses increases.

What are the conditions for participating in AirDrop?

To be able to participate in AirDrop, you must complete the tasks set by the project.
Typically, these tasks include joining social networks and referring your friends to register.
You support the project by following social networks as well as sending feedback for coins or network tokens, and you will be rewarded for this support.
Some airdrops are held by lottery among participants and some are held publicly and without restrictions as determined by the project.

Are airdrops free?

Yes, all airdrops are free and you do not have to pay to participate in them.
If a project asks you for money (transaction fee), know that it is a scam and do not pay for it at all.
Many scam projects ask participants for money after holding an airdrop for a variety of reasons that indicate it is scam.
In Cryptoleda we have a section named Scam Alerts that you can see scam projects.

Do we have to send our wallet address to participate in AirDrop?

Yes, to participate in AirDrop, if the main project is a token or coin on a specific blockchain, you must send the address of the blockchain.

For example, if the main token of the project is on the BSC network, you must send the address of your Smart Chain network wallet.
If you are asked for a wallet private keys, do not give it to anyone, as this will empty all your wallet balance.

Are all airdrops profitable?

No, some projects may not have enough value after deposit, and some may fail completely and everything will be lost.
As a result, few projects can make a good profit for AirDrop participants.
So try to participate in AirDrop of reputable projects at no cost and try your luck at receiving rewards and profits.
At Cryptoleda, we also try to introduce Airdrop projects that look good and strong.
You can also participate in Cryptoleda’s exclusive airdrop, which is Solana Token, and receive rewards.