HotMoon Token

HotMoon Token Token Airdrop

Kindly Note

HotMoon token is a community-based that has a high focus on its community growth and its main support is the community and all the team is trying to grow the community because the community is the most important reason for the success of the project after the token goals.

HotMoon Token will start working in Meme coins and Metaverse soon.
Participating in channel and group of HotMoon Token will bring 2,000,000 units of Token for users and by your contribution you can be a part of this amazing benefit!!!
You can get gift tokens from us by get referrals.
To do this, it is enough for the referral to enter the bot with your link and perform the tasks to receive 8,000,000 tokens.


How to join the HotMoon Token Airdrop?

Follow the steps below to participate in HotMoon Token Airdrop:

  1. Join and start HotMoonAirdrop_bot on telegram.
  2. Join to HotMoon Telegram groups and channels.
  3. Follow HotMoon twitter page. (Not Required)
  4. Follow HotMoon instagram page. (Not Required)
  5. Enter your Tomo Blockchain Network address.

After entering the information and verifying your membership, you will receive 2,000,000 HotMoon tokens.
You will also receive 8,000,000 HotMoon tokens for each referral to join the Airdrop.
The minimum amount allowed to withdraw money is 22,000,000 HMOON tokens and you need you need 3 referrals.
Note that after reaching the withdrawal limit, enter the Tomo Chain address of your wallet.

🌚🚀The Lottery is held every day among the people who requested to withdraw from the AirDrop HotMoon bot
🤩Every day for 25 people 300,000,000 HotMoon gifts are given to each person
As always,request a withdrawal in the bot And you participated in the lottery
💫Lottery rules:
You must reach the token withdrawal stage in the robot and your withdrawal request must be registered in the AirDrop bot.


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It was not deposited after two weeks


Please raise your problem in the Hotmoon Telegram group.


Big project


I thought the withdrawal is immediately after 3 referrals?
Is 2 days now I placed withdrawal & I have not seen anything..


Hi Gozyk, We don’t run this project and this article is just for interdicting this project, If you have questions please ask the project leaders.


Alright thank you..

Iddy Jumanne

God wock


Good project

Terus Riyadi

Good project


Good project

Gerson Missiona

I’m excited this project

Victor uzodike

Hello everyone here ☑️




Good job and god bless us


For Better future


Good project