AstroKin (KIN) Token Airdrop

Kindly Note

Today we introduce KIN Digital Currency Airdrop, which is designed to integrate mobile and web applications.
Kin is currently trading on reputable exchanges such as FTX,, HitBTC, MEXC, Bithumb, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko.
All participants in the AstroKin airdrop can receive their prize, and all participants will win.
The AstroKin airdrop will expire on February 15 and will begin to reward users.


How to join the AstroKin Airdrop?

Follow the step-by-step guide below to participate in the AstroKin Airdrop:

  1.  Click on the Start [alink t=1] Bot on telegram.
  2. Join to telegram channel and group and click on Check Button.
  3. Click “Join Airdrop” to proceed.
  4. Click on “Submit Details” button and continue.
  5. After joining to telegram channel and groups, click on “Done” button.
  6. Follow AstroKin Twitter page, like and retweet the pinned post.
  7. Submit your Twitter profile link and continue.
  8. Join AstroKin Discord Server and create your wallet AstroBot. (Video in below ⬇️⬇️)
  9. Submit your Discord Username. (Example: astrokin#0001)
  10. Join to Advertiser Youtube Channel.
  11. Subscribe to AstroKin Youtube channel.
  12. Submit your YouTube username or channel link.
  13. Follow Advertiser Twitter Page and retweet the AstroKin Airdrop tweet and tag 3 friends.
  14. Submit your retweeted link.
  15. Congratulations!

By participating in AstroKin Airdrop , you will receive 10,000 KIN Tokens and you will also receive 1 Entry for each referral.
Top 10 Referrals: 1000000 (keep your proof of sharing to prevent bots and hacks)

Full video tutorials are available on the AstroKin YouTube channel.

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It’s really real


What network is astrokin


KIN network.

Sufian naseem

Nice project


I did all of this up to discord where I was awarded 10000 kin, but I don’t know how to withdraw it to my trust wallet